The Land of Opportunity – A look at who will be the next stars to join the MLS

One of President Trump’s main goals for America is to address their trade deficit. He wants the country to export more than it imports. Something which it currently does not do. Hence the tariffs with China etc. However, for all his want and might, there is one market which he will never be able to create a trade surplus, football. America needs the influx of players from European leagues to bolster their leagues, while marquee players helps the game grow Stateside.

With this being said, we look at which players could potentially be following in the footsteps of David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovich below.


Mesut Ozil – DC United

One of the biggest stories in the European summer transfer window was the news that Wayne Rooney was leaving DC United and heading to Derby in January 2020. Almost as immediately as that was announced, representatives of Mesut Ozil were supposed to have met with the DC hierarchy.

This looks to be a likely deal. It is known that Arsenal would not be hesitant to allow the creative midfielder to leave. His £300,000-a-week contract massively constrains the Gunners’ manoeuvrability in the transfer market. Ozil has had a very successful time in Europe and would be open to the move. European clubs who can afford Ozil’s wages have no need for him, stymieing the German’s options if he wanted to stay in Europe.

The move makes a lot of sense for DC too. He will 31-years-old in October, meaning he still has plenty of playing time left in him, and he would thrive with the slightly slower pace of the MLS. Ozil is also a marketable star. He’s a World Cup winner and former Real Madrid man, brand recognition that will help to fill the Wayne Rooney void.


Luis Suarez – Inter Miami

David Beckham’s Inter Miami debut in the MLS in 2020 and are desperate for a marquee signing to get their franchise off the ground. Reports in June of this year suggested that Luis Suarez of Barcelona was the man they had approached.

At times last season the rigours of the European game looked to have taken their toll on the fiery Uruguayan. The game against Liverpool stands out. He will be 33-years-old in January and he can confidently leave Europe knowing that he has no unfinished business there. America may be a nice trot out for him.

Suarez would be a major coup for Inter Miami, not to dissimilar to David Villa and New York City. The menacing forward would be brilliant for the American game. His desire to win will not go unnoticed by the passionate American fan base, while his individual brilliance will enthral crowds. If this happens, hold onto your hats.


Dries Mertens – New York City FC

A Naples reporter close to Napoli stated that his season would be Dries Mertens’ last in Italy. Supposedly the Belgian winger had received offers from Inter Miami and NYCFC but is opting for the Big Apple as his wife would rather live there.

At 32-years-old, the winger is entering the twilight of his career so a move does make sense. The appeal of New York cannot be ignored. With his pace, power and trickery down the wing, Mertens will offer NYCFC dynamism that will win them games. A great signing if achievable.


Ones for the future

Players with massive brands will ultimately play in the US. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba seem certainties. Perhaps joined by Paolo Dybala, Romelu Lukaku and Gonzola Higuain.